Italian Journey - Portofino

It would seem redundant to describe Portofino, one of the most exclusive and worldly places along the Mediterranean coast and beyond.

A walk in Portofino is something special. The unique scenery of the village remains etched in the mind of every visitor, as do the suggestions associated with a landscape consisting of small, colorful buildings that blend completely with the surrounding nature. Portofino, in its small size, hides treasures of remarkable beauty and allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views and richly evocative atmospheres at any time of the day.

You can stay at the Splendido, a hotel in the midst of greenery and the sea, dine at the beautiful restaurants along the pier or enjoy a freshly baked focaccia as you stroll along.

You can reach by boat San Fruttuoso, an ancient abbey on the beach, in the heart of the Portofino mountain, while taking a short walk you can visit both the Brown Castle and the church of San Giorgio.

The nearest beach is in the super-chic Paraggi, where you will also find Langosteria, an excellent seafood restaurant.

Then, if you love shopping, you can find the top brands that have charming little stores along the promenade.

In short, whether you want to rest, be in nature or go swimming, Portofino offers everything, you just have to visit and enjoy it!

Wishing you the most special summer,
The SleepWell Team