Famous Bedrooms: Yves Saint Laurent

A very special trip to Tangier, to discover the house that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent.

Less than two hours. That's how long it takes to sail from Spain's Tarifa to Tangier, Morocco's most cosmopolitan city. Its geographical magic between Europe and Africa, combined with its status as an International Zone, had turned it into a global crossroads of landings and returns. Jack Kerouac, the heiress Barbara Hutton, Truman Capote and Paul Bowles, author of the book "Tea in the Desert", strolled along its white alleys. On the nostalgic wave of those times, in 1998 Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought this cliffside estate.

Yves found inspiration in the vibrant culture and exotic landscapes of Tangier. He crafted a house that reflected his unique aesthetic and personal style.

Upon stepping into YSL's house one is immediately immersed in a world of rich colors and textures. The walls adorned with intricate tiles, vibrant fabrics, and handcrafted furnishings create a harmonious blend of Moroccan tradition and Saint Laurent's modern sensibility, making it a space that resonates with creativity and inspiration.

The Bedroom

Yves Saint Laurent's room in Tangier served as a creative oasis where he could escape the hustle and bustle of the fashion world. The room's design seamlessly integrates elements of Moroccan architecture with YSL's signature boldness. A Collection of Treasures.

The bedroom, with furniture designed by Jacques Grange, sports a 19th-century French chandelier of turquoise beads and a pair of gilded sphinxes on the mantelpiece that once belonged to photographer Cecil Beaton.

This unique space is indeed a treasure trove of artifacts and collectibles from YSL's travels around the world. From intricately designed lamps to unique artwork and antique furniture, each piece tells a story and contributes to the room's overall allure. Saint Laurent's room in Tangier is a testament to his enduring legacy and timeless elegance. The careful curation of every detail reflects not only his impeccable taste but also his deep appreciation for the beauty of Moroccan craftsmanship.

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